The New Epoch

The New Epoch

By S. Ganapathy

The human species has entered a new phase, an exciting phase- combining physics with metaphysics. It is of course difficult -even perplexing for those in the earlier generation to comprehend and grasp fully the mindset of this new epoch we are in. It is not just the generation gap  but something mystic. A metaphoric expression, as it were.  This epoch baffles the conventional psychologist- Freud as well as the  Jung school.
I have had the privilege of long discussions with noted psychologists in the 50s and we covered in our talks  major psychologists from Hevelock Ellis to Addler. I do believe that psychology as a science and a clinical discipline has its limitations. There are aspects of human behavior which are yet to be unraveled by psychology –  It is becoming increasingly obvious that there are aspects of life which are apparently  not amenable to reason or logic. 

Psychology fashionably describes these aspects as periods of depression. because of an inability to comprehend and appreciate the epochal aspects of an emerging behavioral pattern, the tendency is  to categorize these aspects as symptoms of depression. The new epoch is just not something that could be held captive by a terminology. It is an error if it is sought to be explained by a common psychological phrase – depression   The new Epoch is an attempt to interconnect the physical with the metaphysical. One of my late friends who was a professor of physics in the university of Mysore and an acknowledged scholar was fond of saying that metaphysics begins where physics ends. This is a pithy statement, too concise to encompass adequately the truth.
The new epoch is naturally going through a struggle to weld  the two critical thoughts into a single alloy. The struggle will triumph. To illustrate the point, the child of the new generation talks of  biology, ecology and  mathematics are a kind of fulcrum while simultaneously his thoughts  dwell on the validity of existence. He seeks for meaning and the purpose of life. Whenever he airs his quest aloud, the elders – the other generation folks are alarmed. This is not normal for the boy they exclaim in chorus. And the  experts pronounce their judgment.  What a pity! The elders, the experts and the other generation, as a whole have become obsolete, outdated- their relevance and validity are lost. One should recall  Lord Tennyson’s immortal lines “Old Order changeth yielding place to new, lest one good custom should corrupt the world ( and the truth)”
So all that burdened inferences and conclusions have long outlived their relevance. The emerging thoughts and attitudes coming out of the intellectual  “New Epoch ” foundry have already replaced  an untenable old order.

The Call Of The New Order

The emerging epoch  is obviously a synthesis and the world which is slowly waking up, to this totally new and hitherto hidden phenomenon,  stands at the cross road . It is a kind of revival of the evolutionary process, if one wants to describe the unfolding in the terminology of physical science (biology) . But I think the emergence of the new epoch is beyond reach .  May be it can be surmised loosely as a cosmic transformation, the relevance of mysticism is still to be understood.  Metaphysics has to be acknowledged… Survival has reached the point when synthesis of the physical and the metaphysical  has become the only way.

The new epoch will be the product of this synthesis. This leads us to the realm of consciousness, mysticism and metaphysics. Consciousness is the fundamental concept of metaphysics in the same sense that energy is the fundamental concept of physics Awareness and being alive ,a synthesized order is unfolding  Synthesis of the physical and the metaphysical is the New Order.

The great synthesis!

The flowing force

Of time and change

The twilight hour is drawing to a close

Dawn is breaking – A New Epoch  –

A New Order replacing the Old Order. Synthesis of the physical and the metaphysical. And the Bard who sang paeans of the French Revolution (Wordsworth) would today exclaim “Bliss is it in this dawn to  be alive and be consumed by this cosmic synthesis.”

The SAGA has begun.

We will watch the breaking of dawn from the ring-side and resume in 2013



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