Involution and Perception

Can the eye see itself?

Can thought perceive itself?

Thought can perceive but cannot see. The eye can see but what can it perceive? Perception of the outside world is but a mishmash of all senses.

So it is with thought. It cannot see or hear or touch. It has to synthesize but that which all other senses perceive.

Is all that input necessary for thought to perceive itself? Yes, it is necessary to perceive the outside. But for itself?

What is thought trying to perceive when we say ‘itself”? The thinking being bereft of the body? The process of deduction? The firing neurons?

Is it thought that is trying to perceive the self? Palpable conscious thought? Or is the conscious mind trying to delve deep into the subconscious in a state of thoughtless understanding?

Is there an understanding beyond or bereft of thought? An understanding not limited to consciousness?

Thought. Think.




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