A thinking, evolving mind can take either of two paths.

Why? or How?

It can wonder why? The why of life, of the world, the why of  ‘I’.

Or it could think how? How does life work, how does the world work, therefore how do ‘I’ work?

The ‘Why’ is way harder to figure out than the ‘How’. We know as much about the why of life now as we did thousands of years ago when we first started thinking. No more, no less.

But the ‘How’ of things, we know a lot more about. And we have come a long way using the knowledge of the how of things to make more things we can find the how of.

Deciphering the ‘How’ of things has brought us to this convoluted complicated world of cities and concrete jungles, gizmos and gadgets.

The ‘Why’ lies dormant, getting buried deeper and deeper in the ‘How’ of things. Buried under cities, concrete jungles, gizmos and gadgets.

But then it is the ‘Why’ that holds the secret to the ‘I’.

Think why.





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