The Decoders

Artists and philosophers, both seemingly abhor reality. They appear to be in abject denial of the ever-present present and are constantly trying to re-interpret, to repaint, to redefine reality. They refuse to take reality at face value and and have a need to re-create it if you will.

Why the need to redefine and repaint? To look at something and accept at face value – just to be – denies us the depths, heights and breadth to which our minds can reach.

While the artist takes recourse in imagination, the philosopher rides on her intellect. Intellect and imagination – there is no intellect without imagination and no imagination without intellect. The artist and the philosopher are one and the same.

Neither accepts without re interpretation, why stare at a beautiful sunset, when you can re create it, why walk when you can dance?

To recreate the sunset as a splash of dots, maybe purples and magentas instead of reds and yellows, vibrant mashups instead of the serene, to paint as it affects the senses, not as it hits the retina, now that is art.

To break sacred old norms, to question beliefs, scientific or religious, to explore, to reinvent, to rethink life as it affects the conscious thought, not as it hits the senses, now that is philosophy.

Rethink. Relive.

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