To Soul or Not to Soul…

What is the soul? Is it that which according to some, is transferred through births and rebirths, or is it the neʹphesh or psy·kheʹ…the life we possess now?

It is, but, that which you think it is. What you feel when you say I.

Is there an I, fundamentally undefined by your name and bearings, something that seems to stand out, stand still, while the murky waters of this business of living swirls around you?

Or is the I in you intricately woven with your identity as a person and bestowed upon you since your conception?

Or as you dig deeper, is thea synthesis of the two, turbulent, yet still. A conscious recognition as the oneness of all things material, energy in its various manifestations in apparent entropy while in reality a synergy. A cosmic dance between the state of being and nothingness, between manifestation as matter or as energy. An existence with no other significance than that of just being.

Only you will ever know and what you know, is your truth.

The I in me, I call the soul. A soul masked by layers of genetic codes, of information, of society, its ethos, mores, and of religions, generations old. As I look for a deeper identity, an identity irrespective of the above, I realize it is rather an identity that is as intricately woven with the said genetic code, the information overload, the society, its mores and norms, as it is with the essence and oneness of all things. An identity I call my soul is one that at once pervades and unifies all.

You and me, cells of the same cosmos, defining the one cosmic body we call existence. I, you, me, the stone, the atom, the black hole…all one. Singularity bursting forth as multiplicity, yet singular all the same.

Is there one so pure, so naked, that defines and encompasses all? That which rises above, yet stands still, timeless as time ebbs around it. That is the essence of this journey we call life. To realize the essence. The process the purpose, the purpose, the process…of breaking free and becoming one…the soul, the body, the dirt, the star and everything in between and beyond.

One. Therefore None.






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