The Trump Card

Trump is a convenient caricature. He is an easy target to mock, to proselytize to, and also to make oneself feel morally superior to. He is good for the collective ego.
However, in spite of the media portraying him otherwise, he isn’t racist, sexist or any -ist for that matter. Men, women, his kids, his wives, girlfriends, customers, clients, and more importantly his voters are all but commodities. He did not set out to be amoral, sexist or racist, he just set out to make money and garner power.

And he stuck gold, when he identified this solid populace, that was aching for a leader, and so made himself the product they were looking for. The cult of of Trump was born.

The brilliant businessman that he is, he identified this disgruntled mass of Americans, and molded himself to this image that they were aching for. He made himself a reflection of the bigoted, racist, supremacist, uneducated, narrow minded mass that has not grown along with the times but is instead stuck in the 40s or so. The world has moved on but not these folks. They still ache for the times when skin color meant privilege and a high school diploma was all it took.

This is the fodder that feeds the monster. The only way to shatter the monster is to educate this base, to bring them out of their bubble. They need to see where the world is now. To be more open minded. To accept diversity. To make them realize that globalization is real. That America is a country of immigrants and will always be. To make them realize that we all need to work with one another, not against. To make them realize that the paradigm has shifted, many times over, and they have missed the boat.

We should in fact be thankful to Trump for he has exposed this glaring gaping hole in our midst. And has shown us how big and deep the chasm is. However, educating this base is no mean task. They are shrouded in centuries and generations of illiteracy, ingrained bigotry and racism. The process has to start at the roots – in kindergarten. And this involves revamping the education system so we can create  innovators, adaptors, artists and technologists that can compete globally, productively. And, even more importantly, we need thinkers. For, we need to widen the mindset, so as to be inclusive and appreciative of the vast diversity of humanity.

America is quite simply in dire need of an intellectual overhaul.


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