Our brains are like VHS tapes. No, not in that they are obsolete (yet), but in that they are capable of working only in a linear fashion. Even if the data is all in there, all wound up in its entirety,  it has to be consumed one frame after another, in a linear fashion and cannot be read in its totality at a singular point.

When we look at a multi-step math problem, the answer is not immediately obvious to us – we have to solve it one step at a time. Say a child is given a problem 2x+1=5. She first calculates 5-1 and then divides to get the answer. It is almost as if there is only one enclosed channel in our brain available to us and we have to walk along its confines to find the solution.

However, it is not just our computing ability, but all our decision making and actions in general that follow linear multi step processes. And since the process is linear, the need for “Time” to solve problems.

‘Forward’ flowing, irreversible, illusory, Time.

What if we had multiple intersecting channels? How would that change our world view?

For starters, we would then be faster decision makers. We would be able to run multiple scenarios in our heads and arrive at the best possible outcome in far less time or maybe even instantly. This would then change everything. There would be no more ‘mistakes’. Think stock market – it would not even be categorized as speculation any more. Would that make us more robotic? Perhaps. For then there would be far less drama and emotional roller coasters. Life as we know it will not exist. All the drama, the emotions which arise due to illogical decision making would downright disappear. We would, in a split second or rather instantaneously be running multiple what if scenarios in our heads and come up or rather instantly realize the right choice – be it the choice of a mate or the answer to the fundamental questions of nature.

We would just in effect ‘Know”. Know processes in their entirety. There would be no more questions for there would be no quest, only a knowing.  No more Time!

Time! Time is what impedes us from being that all knowing!

Would then life even exist, as we know it? For life but exists in our minds as a sequence of events, some perceived to have been in the past, some experienced in the present and others to be relinquished to the future. But a sequence it certainly is. A sequence braided into Time.

No Time, no Life! Time is the culprit!

Ever flowing, irreversible, insidious, Time!


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