Does it matter? Does it not matter? 

If the world is just a darn simulation, and we are merely playing our parts, a darn show on a stage that has no other relevance than that of being, does anything even matter?

Or does it not matter?

If all is one, then one is none. It does not matter. Nope.

Wait, it does matter! 

Because after all it is all matter!!

As long as it is matter, it matters!

Matter matters since matter is the system. Within the bubble of the material simulation, all matter therein matters. Every little bit playing its part, the rules, norms, systems within systems, within the mega system, working seamlessly as a cosmic gear box.

Within this world, a micro-system of pulleys for instance follows the principles of levers and fulcrums. An airplane operates on the principles of aerodynamics and laws of motion. A chemical system works on the principles of thermodynamics and electron transfer. A cellular system works within the confines of biochemistry and genetics.

A ecosystem runs on the principle of predator and prey, of procreation and survival.The more abstract and complex systems of civilizations run on emotional conflicts, drive and desire, morals and norms. And then the overall systems overlap and unite them all. So, much like a gigantic set of gears, the systems within existence run their own machines and prod on others as well.

As the fractal of systems develops along, adding more and more mini worlds within, the system gets more and more complex, until the little units lose their identity, becoming part of the whole.

And in this gigantic system we call the cosmos, existence, the world, the universe, and so on, every little matter matters, every little pulley has to pull, every little plane has to fly and every little actor has to play her part. 

Norms and ethos, religion and science, rules and regulations, are the glue that keep the simulation alive. Good and bad, evil and noble, morals and laws, all essential attributes that oil the machine, but have no other significance outside of the system. But within the system they are paramount to its very survival. So fix the creaky door, feed the poor, amass your riches wisely, watch the Kardashians, read the holy book, berate your enemy, love your child, live your life per your jewish heart, your hindu dharma, your christian virtues, your atheistic ethics, your personal zen. The play must go on. You are in the system, you are the system.

Outside of this orb, none of this matters. Dissolve the system, disregard the ties, then nothing matters. Neither the pulleys, nor the planes, neither the actors, nor their plays. There is no good, no bad, nothing noble, nothing humble. No exalted life after death, no heaven no hell, no god, no demon. For you have left that orbit into the void of voids.

Then nothing matters. But then nothing exists.

Your choice. Are you matter? Are you energy?

Does it matter? Does it not?

Are you or are you not?


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