The Chains of Freedom

To be free!!

As free as a bubble, floating in the air, tethered to nothing, nothing but…air!

But the bubbles aren’t free for they but dance to the whims of the ever flowing, diabolical wind!

Ah, to flow like the wind, around the earth and over oceans. Blowing trees and leaves, and sundry plastic across streets, wrapping itself around vertices with terrifying forces. But the wind isn’t free, for it but blows to the whims of the earth moving its heat!

Heat – now that must be free – oh no, it is but a function of the burning sun…

The sun! Our ever dependable, everyday, brilliant sun! Lighting up the solar system, the king thereof! But the sun isn’t free, for it is but a delusional constant, slowly burning into obscurity at the whims of it’s fissions, fusions, nutrinos, and their bombardments.

Neutrons, protons,  electrons, electric charges spinning and zipping around, forever choreographed, chained to their orbitals, never free to roam away …until they pulsate into energy…

Energy! Pure singular unifying energy! The only entity that is truly FREE!?

That which depends on nothing, gives birth to everything, the one that manifests as many.

Chained to its manifestations and desire to manifest.
Can’t stay still, this energy.

Entangling itself in its own creations, the constant dialog of creation and destruction.

To be, is to never be free.

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