Art and science – seeming contradictions but just different interpretations of the same subject we call life.

If art were a poem, science is its letters.

If art were a painting science is its colors

If art were a dance science is its very stance.

The grand unification a fact not a theory.

Frequencies and amplitudes, wavelengths and vibrations, scrawled equations on the blackboard dancing to rhythm on the keyboard.

Notes quivering in a vibrato, frequencies emanating in geometric progression, only to retract and tango before a crescendo.

The body responds, sketching a graceful parabola swirling into centrifugal pirouettes. Celebrating the biology of being, stretching imagination beyond comprehension.

Amid a delicate balance of light and dark, a bold splash of color takes apart, the ennui, and voila! A work of art!! Shades that compliment and shadows that define. Optics and chemistry parsing the world apart.

Art or Science? Art and science!

The yin for the yang, the form for the abstract, of being and it’s meaning.

One thought on “Transcendence

  1. The more I read this, The more Inspiring it is!! Thank you PADY!!!
    Peacand Love, Joel

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