Thou Art.

Art is an expression of our collective consciousness that bursts forth giving form to abstract thoughts, feelings, moods that rise up from the depths of our very being. The colors that flow through a painters brush, that swirl of a dancers twirl, a mood setting melody, that path which cannot be walked but only danced, that thought which cannot be just said but only sung, that feeling which can only be seen in a splash of color – this, we call art. Art is a language. Every genre its syllable.

Every piece of art is built on that which has been or is being expressed by nature be it biological and otherwise. Inspired by a shimmering waterfall, a stunning sunset, a mood that molds itself into a raaga or words that flow out giving shape to the soul, art is built on what comes from within us. And since all that is within us is shaped by what came before us and what is around us, art is but a quanta of the time continuum.

I may think I painted this or I sang that but in essence I am singing the song of all our collective souls and painting all our collective thoughts. There is no I in an artist. What the artist sees is the eye of the collective consciousness of all that is and all that was and will be. Every painting, every song, every dance is an expression of a collective sigh of existence. When existence turns around and sees itself in the collective eye, art is born.

Every artist is an eye of the very essence of the universe. And every unit of the universe is an artist.

Thou art Art.

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  1. Pady, you do marvelously capturrr the rssrncr of artistic expression. Your words continue to fill the world with profound reflection and deepest zindpiration. It is always a wonderful experience to read your enlightened
    Words !! thanks so very much from one of your many followers Joel

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