Life in Quanta

Just as the massive energy of a dying star involutes and implodes within itself to become a black hole out of which no energy can escape, so do we involute and implode within ourselves when we die, shedding our skin and physical being just as the star shatters its core and mass. Our quantum consciousness dissolves and concentrates into its primordial abstractness. Nothing matters then for matter is nothing then.

Consciousness toggles from the state of being to a state of nothingness.

Life is but a quanta of existence just as the photon is a quanta of light. There is but one blueprint for all that is. Infinite fractals all just the same.

3 thoughts on “Life in Quanta

  1. Om. I am neither the mind,
    Intelligence, ego, nor ’chitta’,
    Neither the ears, nor the tongue,
    Nor the senses of smell and sight,
    Neither ether, nor air,
    I am Eternal Bliss and Awareness.
    I am Shiva.
    Methinks we have the next Adi Shankara in making. ❤️

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