Entrapment and Enlightenment

There are various degrees of entrapment. On one hand, we get so entrapped in events and consequences of our own lives and on the other, in the doings of everyone and everything around us. The process of living takes up so much of our collective conscious thought that we forget to ponder over the purpose of it all.

Everything we do can essentially be boiled down to our attempts at foraging for food and for mates. Period. We of course pretend otherwise.

Yes, we consider ourselves to be on a higher plane. Do we know anything deeper and more sublime that the most prehistoric life forms? Of course, we are, ostensibly, more conscious of our existence. Now, this in itself is no claim to fame. I know I am. So what? If I know not, I still am.

The trappings of everyday life almost obliterates the awareness of the biological system within us. We get entrenched in the emotional high drama, within the family, with co-workers and other assorted people who cross our path every minute of the day. In whatever gaps are left, we get mired in botched plans, dreams of future and in politics of relationships. The media too keeps bombarding us with visuals of humans in despair, the latest gadgets, the rich and famous. It is almost as if we are acting out our parts in a movie. When do we ever, stop, pause, or even slow down enough to see the drama in it all and the futility of this part we play in the grand scheme of existence?

Is it even possible to stop, pause or slow down? Pause and slow down, perhaps. Stop, nearly impossible. Because, try as we might, we are still entrapped in this body and this body is entrapped in this biome. So all or any enlightenment has to dawn within this framework we live in, within this drama, within this part we play. After all, all this drama is but a part of the grand scheme of things.




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